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The Story


One of our greatest adventures began in the year 2000. A group of 25 doctors and nurses under the leadership of our best friend, Dr. Andrew Campbell traveled from Dayton, Ohio to Guatemala, with the purpose of bringing medical and spiritual care to a remote and impoverished rural community with many needs.​

Ten years later, our family, a group of friends, and collaborators we made another adventure. Hiking 36 Volcanoes in 20 Days! We were raising funds for the construction project of a Community Center - a development goal with educational programs for elementary, middle and high schools. This project provides free medical and dental care, and helps develop small businesses for women. Additionally, it contributes to advanced agricultural techniques to help conservation and protection of water and natural resources. 


Twenty years later, various development continues to be the focus for small, remote and indigenous communities, helping in copious ways to empower and inspire them to reach their God given potential.

The Vision

Now after all these years, our prayer and desire has remained true to our vision and mission; To help others reach their God giving potential to achieve greater things in life.

The greatest purpose of our lives is to honor God, give Him glory and intentionally love others. Today we invite you to be part of this new dream and project, coffee with purpose, passion and good works.

We have launched of exclusive high-quality coffee from Guatemala and additional countries known for their coffee of excellence. With the purchase of this coffee, you will not only have the assurance of quality coffee, but your purchase will help with community development programs, the education of young people who live at risk in areas of poverty and poor nutrition.


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